We can still rescue this planet from climate change. Here's how

Global commons gaining momentum, on the agenda of WEF impact summit

I and my colleagues have spent a decade or more trying to get a handle on tipping points in complex systems. A tipping point is when something changes rapidly to a new state - like water turning to ice at zero degrees Celsius, or when a virus bubbling around in a population suddenly explodes into an epidemic, as if from nowhere.

We’ve been looking for signs – early warning signals – of approaching tipping points. This could help us predict if an ecosystem or banking system is about to collapse. But what we have found is perhaps even more profound and worrying. Industrialised societies are pushing Earth towards potentially irreversible tipping points. The world must pull back from the brink.

Luckily, there are strong signals that the global economy is on the cusp of another tipping point. The world, it seems, is moving decisively away from this destructive pathway towards one of global sustainability.

This news comes not a moment too soon.

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